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Your walk to millionaire starts here.

Golden steps to start earning online.

1.Identify a program to promote:

There are many scams out there and you need to take precaution as to which internet program you join. At estate of gold, we recognize this fact as some of our own members have ever fallen victims to such scams. In view of this, we critically analyze all the programs that we recommend to our members. The following programs are time tested and you can join without any obligations:

Daily Earner

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Real Business

This is one of the best affiliates program on the internet today. It is great for those who do not have any money to start their own online business. Free to join. Free trainings. And lots of give away. Available world wide.Join Real Business Here for Free and start earning today!


7% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS: This plan was carefully designed to bring continuous daily return of exactly 7%. Interest will be credited from Monday through Friday (business days only) until the end of the 30 days investment period. Once 30 days has passed, your principle will expire and you will have 154% returned. FOR EXAMPLE: $10,000 investment will get you $700 interest every 24 hours, you'll receive an amount equal to your principle of $10,000 in around 14 business days time frame, and in the end of investment period you'll have a total of $15,400. You can always re-invest (compound) or withdraw.

With Minimum deposit of only $25 earning you 7% daily for 30 days,a 154% R.O.I and a minimum withdrawal of only $2, 7% Daily is an investment opportunity for everyone interested in earning real income on the internet.


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